Okay, technically right now, it’s just “Review”
But i wanted to save the review that was here before the reboot to give me incentive to add more. We shall see if it works together, eh?

A Chinese Tall Story
A Chinese Tall Story cover
Wow. This is one seriously mo lei tau movie at times. They just gave up on trying to make it into a coherent narrative, letting one segment (and character) fade to black before picking back up fresh to carry on, ignoring what just happened.

Is it emotional interpretation? “Tall tales” narrative illogic? Just who-the-frell-cares comedy?

It doesn’t matter. It’s all just fun. If you’re a fan of the Monkey King (and who isn’t?), and you get into Chinese humor (especially mo lei tau), you really ought to enjoy this one. Where else are you going to find a Monkey King tale with UFO Alien Invaders, hmm?
This time out we’re focused on the Longevity Monk – arguably the most annoying creature in all of creation. Happily, that aspect of the character is only lightly touched upon. Can he be corrupted to evil deeds by base emotions? Will he be eaten for the fabled immortality consuming him conveys? Or will aliens wipe it all out making everything else moot?

The film is visual fun, part live action, part CGI – as demonstrated best by the cover art above.

While one might expect to see things in a Monkey King film like
or maybe
or maybe even
but, you’ve got to admit that things like
make it a little different from usual, eh?

In all, i enjoyed it and had a fine time watching. Recommended for Monkey King and Asian supernatural action/comedy fans. Not to mention (and yet mention i do) anyone just looking for something different from the same old formula “entertainment”.

Monkey Team GO!

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