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Past Poetic

I’ve been digging for a few weeks, trying to excavate some of my old works that have become buried over the (far too many) years.

Sadly, much of my old work seems to be lost to antiquity now. But i have found a couple of the poems i was looking for. The one i’m running today is one that i had plans to do a set of full page illustrations – one for each verse. Now that i’ve uncovered the poem, perhaps that will happen. But, for now, i’m going to run it here so i can find it more easily next time.

(Phyre by -3- / originally published online in 1993)

And here’s a previously unrevealed tidbit about this poem – it was written from the point of view of a corpse in a funeral pyre.


MASKS – a glimpse of a future

I ran a few teaser designs a little while back from the new project i’m starting to develop. I don’t think i mentioned the title, or told you much about the book. Well, you get the title this time, and here’s an early promo poster for the book. But neither i, nor the poster, are going to be telling you much about the story itself just yet.
Still just more teasers.

Promo art for MASKS

Click on image for enlarged view

Not Quite C’thulhu – New print available

Whether the fever brought on the madness or the madness brought on the fever, i cannot say – cannot know.

So begins the narrative that leads us to



C'thul-Whu? by -3-

For closer looks and more info, visit the new C’thul-Whu? page tabbed in the logo above. Or take this shortcut.
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Farewell to the Wolf Man

No, not the lycanthrope.

George Edward Tobin, George to his family, Ted to his friends, left us last week. His system collapsed and failed. It wasn’t a great surprise to those of us who knew him – it was a long time coming. But that never really makes it easier to see a friend go.

Ted was also known as the Wolf Man, for he was surrounded by them. He had a great affinity for wolves, and American Western artwork in general. Not surprisingly, he was an avid fan the writings of Louis L’amour and Zane Grey, as well as old western videos – both movies and television. Ted was one of those of us whose hands automatically leap to our heart at the mention of Randolph Scott.

I hadn’t seen Ted much lately – been hermitting in my cave, cut off from the world around me. (Hence the severe lack of bloggage, too) Now that he’s gone, there’s nobody left who remembers enough about life in the first half of the last century for me to have the kinds of talks Ted and i used to share.

Ted was a sweet old guy, and one of a kind. I’m going to miss him.

Ted in the snow outside his last home.

George 'Ted' Tobin, dwarfed by the snow outside his home.

More Blog

When i started work to catch the site up to date, i decided to keep the news and politics outside this time, to just focus on my work and entertainment media instead.

But sitting quiet in today’s world leaves me feeling like treacherous scum instead of an American. I take pride in trying to still be an American living in this country – not an easy thing to do. As an example: I’ve never pissed in a jar to get a job – that’s anti-American guilty-until-proven-innocent crap that one would expect from Soviet Russia, not America.

I do, however, want to keep this blog light and true to the focus i had in mind. So to give myself space to react to the horrors of the world around us, i’ve started a second blog running for that purpose. Those who are interested can drop by The View From Here to see what’s pissing me off lately.

Big Dummy & 420

Sadly, that’s me in the subject line. While cleaning up the site, i realized that i never bothered to mention my online t-shirt shop here. I showed off new designs, but didn’t bother to tell you where to find them. I simply didn’t think about it since the folks for whom i originally created the designs already knew where to get them.

So, for any interested parties, all images on the Designs page (see Designs tab in the logo above) can be found at my Third Road Shirt Shack.

And, yes – i’ll offer up some new designs before too long.

And to keep things more visually interesting than just a text post, here’s a simple design that wasn’t shown here before:

(And, no, that’s not why i forgot to mention the store previously. I can be stupid all by myself!)


I mentioned last time that i had a few projects of my own i want to work on now. One is a new print i expect i’ll be unveiling next week. More about that next week.

The one i’m most inspired and interested to be doing is my own graphic novel. For the last decade i’ve played around in the medium – coloring, lettering and co-artist on various books. But finally have the urge to write and draw my own book. Not surprisingly, i’ll be talking about that a fair bit in the weeks to come. But for now, just teasers – character designs for a three of our five primary heroes in the tale to let you get a look at the art style i’ll be using.

Amerinda Lake – Feminative hunter/stalker/warrior

Yuen Po – Martial Opera Star/Taoist Priest (student)

Meh Lani – Totem/steampunk scientist

All artwork ©2010 by -3-

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The new print i mentioned was coming is out, so now it's back to development work on the graphic novel i want to do.

Meanwhile, here's the online serialization of the graphic novel i just completed with L. Neil Smith and Scott Bieser -
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