For the moment, this is just a better look at posted designs. Give me a bit, and i’ll add links for those who might want them on shirts & things.
Designs are posted more recent first.

Large view of Jenny Everywhere:

Click on image for 1700x1200 view

Shirts with these designs can be purchased at my Third Road Shirt Shack.


Jesus Saves!

Albert – Human Stupidity

7 Rings – Peace 9
7rings-peace9 (black)

7rings-peace9 (white)

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-3-‘s Yak Box

The new print i mentioned was coming is out, so now it's back to development work on the graphic novel i want to do.

Meanwhile, here's the online serialization of the graphic novel i just completed with L. Neil Smith and Scott Bieser -
Phoebus Krumm:


Non-existent past posts:

Still Available!

Read the complete graphic novel online (for Free!), with print editions available for that tactile pleasure of a real book in your hands from Big Head Press.

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