Whether the fever brought on the madness or the madness brought on the fever, i cannot say – cannot know. I know only i became aware in the dark. Behind everything crouched the brooding, festering horror of something i cannot, dare not, name.

Though my foot fell upon cold hard stone, the air creaked like settling timbers, putrifying under their burden and now deciding whether or not to collapse upon my lost and fragile body.
One step. How could i take another? What pit or blade or beast lurked in the complete darkness enfolding me?
And yet, how could i not move on? How could i stand still when i could feel them – countless eyes staring, watching me from the dark… from beyond the dark. I trembled in bound panic, eyes darting blind until i saw it – the faintest echo of a pale light’s note of hope.
Stumbling as i forced my legs to movement, i shambled toward the barest possibility of release from the endless dark.
My muscles began to ache as i realized my dehydration, sweating away the fluids of life as i shivered in the growing heat – frustrated at the light seeming still so dim, still so very far away.
A soft sob of despair escapes as i suddenly know my broken will can never push this wreck of flesh far enough, that this dark tomb shall be mine.
And then it was there – the blinding light, illuminating without bringing hope, only the deepest shiver of fearful desire squirming up my spine. What fresh horror was this to greet me? It matters not – i know only that i must worship Her…

C'thul-Whu? by -3-

C'thul-Whu? by -3-

To purchase C’thul-Whu? visit my store

(Note: It has been pointed out that the system is defaulting to the most expensive canvas type. You can select much cheaper paper options from the media tab to the right of the print at the store)

This not-quite-C’thulhu print is designed to publish at 23″x34.5″ size. As you might suspect, a great deal of detail is lost when the image is scaled down to what you see displayed above. To give you an idea of the actual level of detail, here are some closer images from C’thul-Whu? for your perusal. Note that these are not full size detail – they are still reduced, usually by a factor of three. (What a surprise) The sole exception to that rule is the image labeled as a full size detail shot.

First up, a little closer look at the texture of our lovely C’thuLady’s skin texture:

C'thul-Whu? detail01-face

A closer look at our lovely Elder's skin.

Note the eye off to the right of her shoulder in the full view of the print. Here’s an actual size detail of that eye from the original image:

C'thul-Whu? eye detail

They're not watching you, really. Just watching out FOR you.

Even the stars are watching from beyond:

C'thul-Whu? detail 03 starwatch

Watchers from the sky - feel familiar?

Insidious messages from beyond lie buried in one’s consciousness just from looking into the depths. Such as this one here, which might be read to say “Eye Watch You”:

C'thul-Whu? detail 04 messages

Even the hidden text is watching you.

All manner of things watch from beyond – always:

C'thul-Whu? detail 05 buglies

The message seen here is upside down, reflecting its twin at the top of the print

C’thul-Whu? is designed as a 23″x34.5″ art print. It is available as museum quality print on canvas, or a poster for you cheap sons of Elder Evil.
It is also available in two smaller sizes, and a total of five paper/canvas selections. Personally, i wouldn’t make it available in the smaller size – i don’t think the details will reduce well. But Zazzle doesn’t allow users to limit the size options. I like the quality that Zazzle offers on the full sized poster and canvas prints, and was very displeased by limitations of other services. So Zazzle it is, and the choice is there, but i would suggest cheaper paper for the larger size rather than expensive canvas at the smaller size. (But feel free to go the other way – i’ll make more money if you do.)

To purchase C’thul-Whu? visit my store.

(Note: It has been pointed out that the system is defaulting to the most expensive canvas type. You can select much cheaper paper options from the media tab to the right of the print at the store)


1 Response to “C’thul-Whu?”

  1. 1 Savy 8 November 2010 at 7:14 pm

    Y’know, this clinches it. After this last election and seeing these stunning images, I’m voting C’Thulhu. Why vote for a lesser evil?

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