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See what happens when i post two days in a row?

What a week – power outages, net loss, and a biblical plague or two.

For most of the week i could only access the net for 15-20 minutes once or twice a day. But everything is restored at home now, so things are getting back to what passes for normal here.

But it’s not all damage control on the home front, some things have been moving forward as planned. You may recall that when i wrote of MASKS previously, i mentioned it was one of several things in the works.  Another project is debuting this coming Sunday – my new webcomic.

experiMental Theatre is going to be a bit different from what you’re used to seeing from me. Much looser, something of a raw underground style in stark black inks.  To show you what i mean, here’s a quick peak at the first panel of  Experiment One: TIM

This Is Me

Next time, a bit more about the strip, and an URL or two for it.

MASKS – a glimpse of a future

I ran a few teaser designs a little while back from the new project i’m starting to develop. I don’t think i mentioned the title, or told you much about the book. Well, you get the title this time, and here’s an early promo poster for the book. But neither i, nor the poster, are going to be telling you much about the story itself just yet.
Still just more teasers.

Promo art for MASKS

Click on image for enlarged view


I mentioned last time that i had a few projects of my own i want to work on now. One is a new print i expect i’ll be unveiling next week. More about that next week.

The one i’m most inspired and interested to be doing is my own graphic novel. For the last decade i’ve played around in the medium – coloring, lettering and co-artist on various books. But finally have the urge to write and draw my own book. Not surprisingly, i’ll be talking about that a fair bit in the weeks to come. But for now, just teasers – character designs for a three of our five primary heroes in the tale to let you get a look at the art style i’ll be using.

Amerinda Lake – Feminative hunter/stalker/warrior

Yuen Po – Martial Opera Star/Taoist Priest (student)

Meh Lani – Totem/steampunk scientist

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The new print i mentioned was coming is out, so now it's back to development work on the graphic novel i want to do.

Meanwhile, here's the online serialization of the graphic novel i just completed with L. Neil Smith and Scott Bieser -
Phoebus Krumm:


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Still Available!

Read the complete graphic novel online (for Free!), with print editions available for that tactile pleasure of a real book in your hands from Big Head Press.

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