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Not Quite C’thulhu – New print available

Whether the fever brought on the madness or the madness brought on the fever, i cannot say – cannot know.

So begins the narrative that leads us to



C'thul-Whu? by -3-

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When i started work to catch the site up to date, i decided to keep the news and politics outside this time, to just focus on my work and entertainment media instead.

But sitting quiet in today’s world leaves me feeling like treacherous scum instead of an American. I take pride in trying to still be an American living in this country – not an easy thing to do. As an example: I’ve never pissed in a jar to get a job – that’s anti-American guilty-until-proven-innocent crap that one would expect from Soviet Russia, not America.

I do, however, want to keep this blog light and true to the focus i had in mind. So to give myself space to react to the horrors of the world around us, i’ve started a second blog running for that purpose. Those who are interested can drop by The View From Here to see what’s pissing me off lately.


Well, this is bad.

I emerge from my hermit cave to see when last i posted here, and i find that i was just about to start the graphic novel that i just recently finished.  So, a year or more has passed since last i wrote here.

So, fresh start time. I’m clearing out the ancient posts, keeping only a few designs and review on the sub pages,  and starting things fresh here. This follows well with things in my life just now. That whole “emerging from the cave” thing.

My eldest son spent a few months up here a short while back, and managed to push me out of the cave a bit. In the process, he got a few other things stirred up, too. So i’ll have some new projects to talk about in upcoming entries – a few things of my own i’ll be doing rather than the usual joining in other team productions.

But later for those – and for the book just completed.

For now, just me sweeping out the trash and tidying the place up. Hi there, and welcome back.

To both of us.

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The new print i mentioned was coming is out, so now it's back to development work on the graphic novel i want to do.

Meanwhile, here's the online serialization of the graphic novel i just completed with L. Neil Smith and Scott Bieser -
Phoebus Krumm:


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Read the complete graphic novel online (for Free!), with print editions available for that tactile pleasure of a real book in your hands from Big Head Press.

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