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What If David Lynch Did Spider-Man?

Warren Ellis likes to issue creative challenges to artists fairly often over at Whitechapel, and his latest challenge was just too much fun to ignore. Especially after having just missed the Steampunk Batman challenge.

His latest challenge: “You must design a poster for a movie called SPIDER-MAN directed by David Lynch. This is all you know. ”
Here’s my result:

Much as i might like how mine came out, it really looks more graphic novel cover than movie poster. If you like the concept of this challenge, you should go check out the original thread – some great work being done, and still a few days left with more being posted all the time.
Here’s the Whitechapel Discussion Thread.

experiMental Theatre

Yes, the previously mentioned webcomic goes live in a little under 8 hours. Actually, the site is already live, with some pre-strip strips. But experiMental Report One’s first strip goes up at 3:03:03am Sunday morning. (Yes, i know i’m obsessed, thank you.)

experiMental Theatre is basically an experiment in Mental Theatre, externalized in comic form. In other words, i get to unleash some of the crawly things in the back of my head. So fair warning now – you never know when a strip might be NSFW. It was originally just labeled for language, but the last pre-strip allowed me to go ahead and label for nudity and violence – so, like i said, fair warning.

Still want to look? Here’s the URLs:

The first three strips will be updating daily, and then publication will continue on dates divisible by 3. (We already talked about obsession, right?)

Visit my webcomic!
Currently updating every 3rd day, on dates divisible by 3.
(Caution: may contain one of more of the following: Language/Nudity/Violence)

-3-‘s Yak Box

The new print i mentioned was coming is out, so now it's back to development work on the graphic novel i want to do.

Meanwhile, here's the online serialization of the graphic novel i just completed with L. Neil Smith and Scott Bieser -
Phoebus Krumm:


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Still Available!

Read the complete graphic novel online (for Free!), with print editions available for that tactile pleasure of a real book in your hands from Big Head Press.

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