That darn Warren!

Gotta love him. Besides all the fine entertainment he provides, he still continues to tease entertaining things out of others, too.
His latest challenge over at Whitechapel is:
“You must design a poster for a movie called IRON MAN directed by Stanley Kubrick. This is all you know. “
Well, that’s enough to play, most assuredly. I had a lot of thoughts about this one – first i was thinking of basing it on the Polish movie poster for Eyes Wide Shut:
Eyes Wide Shut - Polish movie poster
But i figured almost no one would get the reference. I thought about playing around with the Japanese Iron Man movie – Tetsuo (a very different Iron Man, unrelated to the Marvel Comics character). I figured some of the mechanized visuals from Tetsuo would blend well with the iconic eye-clamps from A Clockwork Orange.
But after much contemplation and idea tossing, i decided to go back to the basics, the classic A Clockwork Orange poster based, but triangle inverted for the advanced Iron Man chest design. And colors scheme inverted – where the original was black and white ouside the triangle and had red/orange hues inside, the other way around seemed better suited here.
Okay, talking way too much – here’s the result:
Stanley Kubrick Iron Man movie poster, by -3-

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