experiMental Theatre

Yes, the previously mentioned webcomic goes live in a little under 8 hours. Actually, the site is already live, with some pre-strip strips. But experiMental Report One’s first strip goes up at 3:03:03am Sunday morning. (Yes, i know i’m obsessed, thank you.)

experiMental Theatre is basically an experiment in Mental Theatre, externalized in comic form. In other words, i get to unleash some of the crawly things in the back of my head. So fair warning now – you never know when a strip might be NSFW. It was originally just labeled for language, but the last pre-strip allowed me to go ahead and label for nudity and violence – so, like i said, fair warning.

Still want to look? Here’s the URLs:

The first three strips will be updating daily, and then publication will continue on dates divisible by 3. (We already talked about obsession, right?)

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Visit my webcomic!
Currently updating every 3rd day, on dates divisible by 3.
(Caution: may contain one of more of the following: Language/Nudity/Violence)

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